You’ve seen it. Someone is standing in front of the fridge, door open, with a blank expression on their face. “What is in here that will be good to eat?” Moms tell you to shut the door, but they perform this ritual as well. It’s like a chilly brain fart. “I’m hungry and my mind is a blank.” In some parallel universe, your fridge has a beautiful shrimp salad winking at you, and a chocolate cupcake waiting for dessert.

Wake up! Now I have a well- stocked fridge, and you can too. Keeping some staples around that are instant menu ingredients is easy. Expand your mind.

In my fridge you can usually find:

  • Eggs
  • A couple kinds of cheese
  • Bacon
  • Milk
  • Lettuce & some veggies in season
  • Condiments
  • Fruit

I can make a lot of meals with just these ingredients; everything from a savory omelet to pasta carbonara. A quick to-go fix are BTC lettuce wraps. That’s Bacon, Tomato and cheese, wrapped in a lettuce leaf.

Cook the bacon to your liking. Dice up a tomato. Show it a bit of olive oil, sea salt and course black pepper. Take a crisp lettuce leaf… I prefer romaine, but do your own thing. Lay a slice of cheese on the lettuce. Place the diced, seasoned tomato on your lettuce leaf. Top with a piece of bacon and hold it like a taco. Perhaps dip your wrap in a siracha sauce, or even a mayonnaise ketchup blend. Want to get adventurous? Slice a ripe peach in there. Salt and sweet have been dating a lot lately, so it’s time you came to this party.

Start to imagine unique flavors marrying together. It will open your pallet and your mind to new deliciousness.
Not feelin’ it? I’m a personal chef for hire, so call me, Linda: 952.201.7111 GuestStar!